“Success is simple; a timely combination…

Steve Templeman
Founder, Imagineering Werks

Steve has a creative flair for literally “bringing new products to life.” Having mentored with his father, (who was also an inventor and engineer) Steve has honed those skills to an even more refined and broadened level of new product development. He has assembled a highly skilled team of creative and gifted individuals, who each within their own area of expertise could easily be defined as ‘genius' in their gifting. He has a reputation within the outdoor industry as being ‘cutting-edge' and ‘highly-innovative', and enjoys relationships with the industry's greatest entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Evergreen Outdoors, Inc. - 2001 to 2006

Founder and President
Evergreen Outdoors, Inc., a premier provider of outdoor sporting equipment with products in Fishing, Marine, Automotive, Camping and Hunting categories.  Evergreen's focus on new and innovative product design, and world-wide sourcing allowed the consumer the benefit of ultimate product value. With a stable of over a dozen best-selling outdoor products, Evergreen was sold in 2006 to a former Wal-Mart executive with offices in Arkansas .

Midwest Outdoors, Inc. - 2002 to 2004
Co-Founding Partner

Along with two other partners, formed MOS to develop and manufacture new outdoor recreational products and processes. Steve's partnership responsibility was to develop products which were innovative and potentially patent-able. During those years, Steve derived seven new products and two new processes, and the company received an “Innovative New Product of the Year” award from an industry magazine. Product lines were purchased by several customers for use as private-branded lines and processes were sold to a privately-held corporation in 2004.

Marine Dynamics, Inc.
1987 to 1992 Co-Founder and Vice-President
2006 to Current – Independent Contractor / Product Developer
Marine Dynamics, Inc. was founded to satisfy the need for improved performance and fuel efficiency of boat engines. Co-inventor of the “ StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer™ ”, an internationally patented device which attaches to a boat engine which improves both fuel efficiency and handling characteristics. Since that time, the StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer™ has become “one of the hottest selling marine accessories of all time”, according to a leading boating industry magazine, and is in fact, currently the number-one product of choice, worldwide. The company continues to market marine products internationally, which were developed by Steve.

Team Imagineering
Individual resumes are available upon request. Obviously, one of our greatest assets of Imagineering Werks are the people who help make our collaborative effort so successful.